COMSPAIN carries out both the engineering and the manufacturing of a large number of heavy equipment, mainly in the field of solid treatment.
This capacity, together with its know-how of varied processes and its possibility to carry out the erection and commissioning of the equipment with its own specialized technicians, make it the most suitable partner to execute turn-key projects, with full responsibility.


Granulation plant

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • City: Al Jubail (Persian Gulf)
  • Customer: National Fertilizer
  • Company (SABIC)
  • Engineering: TPL (Italy)
  • Process company: INCRO/JACOBS
  • Products: NPK/DAP/GTSP
  • Production: 108/108/54 T/h per line (two lines): 750,000 T/year per line


Dap plant

  • Customer: Groupe Chimique Tunisien, Gabes, Tunisia For a production of 400,000 T/year of complex granulated fertilizers (NPK and DAP).
  • COMSPAIN has supplied the complete granulation package including: dryer, granulator, combustion chamber, screens, fluid bed, cooling unit, lump crusher and erection and commissioning supervision.


“Monocalcic / Bicalcic Phosphate Plant” in Escombreras (Cartagena, Spain), for Fosfatos de Cartagena (Ercros Group).

Calcic phosphate replaces the use of waste (bones, feathers, meat) in food for animals, forbidden after the “crazy cows” problem.
The plant has a capacity of 100,000 T/year of Bicalcic Phosphate and of 71,400 T/year of Monocalcic Phosphate.

COMSPAIN offered:

  • Collaboration in the process
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Civil works
  • Buildings
  • Electricity
  • Regulation and control
  • Equipment
  • Erection
  • Commissioning


Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Plant in Algeria (Annaba and Arzew-Oran).

COMSPAIN has designed, manufactured, transported and mounted, on a turn-key basis, these two plants belonging to Fertial- Fertilisants d’Algérie, including Civil Works, metallic structures, electricity and control and regulation.
Both factories manufactured soluble ammonium nitrate.
It has been necessary to add a new feeding and crushing area for solids, in order to lower the nitrate grade, as well as a dedusting plant (primary washer, secondary washer and stack) which handles one million m 3 /hour of air in each plant. The production of calcium ammonium nitrate, with a lesser explosion risk and better price than the ammonium nitrate, should be 300,000 T/year in each plant.


Manufacturing plant for refuse derived fuel

  • Country: Spain
  • Location: Cerceda (La Coruña)
  • Customer: Sogama (joint venture between Galicia
  • Government, Urbaser, etc.)
  • Engineering: Comspain
  • Process company: Comspain
  • Product: Fuel for fluid bed boiler
  • Process: Drying in 2 parallel lines
  • Production: 50 T/h
  • Electric power: 50 MW
  • Total treatment capacity: 600,000 T/year
  • COMSPAIN has designed, manufactured and commissioned the feeding and drying lines, including the complex dedusting and washing system with cyclones and scrubbers (basic/acid) of washing.


Plants for dap granulation, storage and phosphoric acid

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Ras Az Zawr (Persian Gulf)
  • Customer: Ma’aden / Worley Parsons
  • Engineering: Intecsa Industrial / Litwin
  • Process company: Incro
  • Products: DAP / MAP / Phosphate / Phosphoric Acid from DAP granulation
  • Production:
    • 4 x 105 T/h in each unit (4 lines x 725,000 T/year)
    • 4,400 T/h of phosphate in the “Material Handling” section (including storage park of 21,300 m 2 and 160,000 T)
    • Up to 400 T/h in the phosphate and additives handling for the phosphoric acid plant.