COMSPAIN: Experts in designing and manufacturing installations for solids handling and storage
  • Conveyor belts, extracting belts below hoppers, belts in galleries, special belts for organic waste, rigid elevating belts, portable belts, reversible belts, trippers, etc.
  • Apron conveyors
  • Horizontal chain conveyors, inclined chain conveyors (ashes drainig, elevation, etc.)
  • Screw conveyors
  • Rotary extractors below silos
  • Bucket elevators: Vertical, Vertical special, without dredging and Z-shaped (vertical, horizontal)
  • Loaders, stackers
  • Dischargers, bucket wheels, scrapers
  • Storage parks, indoors or outdoors
  • Silos
  • Mobile groups
  • Gas filtration and purification

Handling of solids

COMSPAIN can convey and store all kind of rocks, minerals, chemical products and municipal waste materials, with productions of up to 7,000 T/h, granulometries from “quarry gross” down to a few microns; Parks of up to 250,000 tons and belts of any length as well as special belts.


Reclaimer with two bucket wheels of 3,500 T/h

ENDESA (As Pontes de García Rodríguez, Spain) Coal, KOCH technology.


Stacker with reversible and mobile belt

DRAGADOS TIRMADRID (Madrid, Spain) Municipal Waste Materials.


Conveyor belts (1,300 T/h)

MA’ADEN/WORLEY PARSONS phosphoric acid plant in Saudi Arabia. Engineering LITWIN.


Silos and bucket elevators

FERTIAL (Annaba, Algeria) Dolomite


Portal scraper

  • Indoor storage park for phosphate and additives of 21,300 m 2 and 160,000 T for the whole chemical complex of Ras Az Zawr.
  • Engineering: LITWIN.