Our Environment Division offers a range of equipment designed for any kind of Municipal Solid Waste (M.S.W.) and Sludge treatment processes.

The COMSPAIN technologies enable an improvement in the recovery of these materials (such as compost, combustible, etc…), as well as a reduction in the subsequent treatment or handling costs.

Screening Systems

  • Screens with a patented system to prevent clogging.
  • M.S.W. classifying trommels.
  • Compost refining trommels.

We carry out studies according to your requirements for filtering capacity, flow, dimensions, power…

Feeding Systems

  • Vibrating feeders: COMSPAIN supplies the best technical solutions to produce a vibration according to the forecasted speed.
  • Plate feeders: Fitted with anti-wear steel plates. We adapt to your requirements: either chain conveyors or sliding conveyors.

Composting Plants

Custom-made design of the compost fermentation plants, for supplying a fully automatic or a manual system, according to your requirements.

Sludge Treatment

From filling into silos with special extraction technologies, up to drying (indirect and direct drums), calcination, etc.

Drying and treatment

COMSPAIN has been pioneer in the drying and treatment of the organic part of the Municipal Solid Waste for its use as combustible in fluid bed boilers, for the generation of electrical energy.

For SOGAMA in Cerceda (Galicia, Spain) we produce 50 T/h of organic combustible, with an electrical power of 50 MW.


Automatic Composting Plant

  • Composting: Koch España, S.A.
  • Compost refining: COMSPAIN
  • Customer: DRAGADOS, Madrid – Spain. Valdemingómez Plant