Design of complete plants – Testing center

In this division we have used our experience over the last 30 years in vibrating and static fluid beds, rotary drums with direct and indirect contact and in all kind of dryers.

All bulk solid products can be treated as follows:


  • Drying
  • Calcination
  • Dehydratation
  • Desolventizing
  • Cooling
  • Granulation
  • Pyrolisis
  • Reaction
  • Reduction
  • Coating
  • Polymerisation
  • Mixing
  • Classification
  • Crushing
  • Transport
  • Gas washing

Manufacturing programme

  • Fluid beds
  • Fluidisation at high temperature
  • Fluid bed with exchangers
  • Vibrating and static fluid beds
  • Flash and pneumatic dryers
  • Tower dryers
  • Rotary drums: dryers, calciners, coolers, granulators
  • and coaters
  • Indirect drums (jacketed, pipes, discs, shovel …)
  • Drying tunnels and stoves
  • Other kind of drums (reactors, raining, digesters)
COMSPAIN has the solution for difficult, caked, degradable, fragile, corrosive, abrasive products,…

Lechos fluidos presecadores, secadores y enfriadores

Pre-drying, drying and cooling Fluid beds

  • Total surface of the three stages: 50 m2.
  • Flow: 10 T/h.
  • Vibrating and static fluid beds to carry out the continuous product treatment at different temperatures, according to the process stage, with the addition or not of steam.
  • Product: Sodium perborate (tetrahydrate).
  • COMSPAIN has supplied three complete lines of pre-drying, drying and cooling including vibrating feeders, lump crushers, pre-drying vibrating fluid bed on springs, vibrating drying fluid bed on blades, static cooling fluid beds, direct fire combustion chamber for natural gas, fans and filters.
  • Customer: FORET, Zaragoza – Spain


High Temperature Fluid Beds

  • 12, 20 and 32 m2 .
  • Flow: 45 T/h max.
  • Special design for working at low pressure (using cogeneration gas) and at a high temperature (400º C).
  • Product: Sepiolite, bentonite, atapulghite and “pangel”.
  • Including the product cooling system.
  • Plants with auxiliary combustion chambers, flash drying for fines, cyclones, bag filter, etc.
  • Customers: TOLSA, HEFRAN, MYTA, SEPIOLSA – Spain


NPK/DAP Fertilizer Plant

  • For a production of 150,000 T/year of NPK/DAP.
  • COMSPAIN has supplied, in collaboration with Incro, the whole extended Engineering, as well as equipments, including granulator, dryer, cooler, coater, crushers, pug mil, lump crusher, screens, internal parts of the buckets, feeders, combustion chamber, cooling unit, fans, electricity and instrumentation, and equipments and engineering for ammonia storage and conditioning.


Waste Treatment / Drying Plant

  • 2 drums in parallel, Ø 3.6 x 25 m.
  • Flow: 2 x 25 T/h.
  • Special design for minimising the fines fly (intelligent exhaust).
  • The plant includes gas washing (acid, alkaline and final), rotary valves, cyclones, conveyor belts. Drying gas in cogeneration.
  • Customer: UTE MEIRAMA (SOGAMA), La Coruña – Spain


Phosphate Treatment Plant

  • Drying with 2 drums in parallel, Ø 3.6 x 20 m.
  • Flow: 2 x 100 T/h.
  • Drying at 900º C with rotary cup burner chamber.
  • Washing and classification.
  • Washing drum Ø 3.6 x 11 m.
  • Horizontal screen 2 x 6 m. with watering.
  • Plant completed with cyclones, multicyclones, chambers, ducts and stack.
  • Customer: NEYRTEC, GECOPHAM, Palmyra – Syria